supply chain

supply chain

Energetica encompasses an energy supply chain with strong links from one end of the chain to the other.

Oil & gas
As North Sea production and exploration has grown, so has a world-class supply chain.

Today, the industry comprises around 2,000 specialist businesses across Scotland – and across every conceivable area of product and service support.

Recent figures show the supply chain recording over £15.9billion of annual sales; £7.2billion of this internationally, as it has increasingly exported its expertise and skills around the world.

Much of the focus is on developing and delivering ever smarter ways of working, to create technological solutions to support the recovery of increasingly marginal oil & gas reserves in a tight economic environment.

It is also about bringing new solutions to market to support the challenges presented by North Sea decommissioning activity: a multi-billion pound challenge that is set to become a central feature of the oil & gas industry landscape.

The fledgling decommissioning oil and gas sector market is estimated at $31billion in value for the UK Continental Shelf.

Renewables: onshore and offshore
The opportunity for the energy sector to innovate and expand into emerging and growing markets represents the cornerstones of the Energetica proposition.

While oil & gas is set to remain a central feature of the Aberdeen City and Shire economy for many years, the renewables sector will burgeon as an area of opportunity.

Service companies and specialist technology providers are honing and refining their proven capabilities: working to ensure they are directly transferable to the new age of energy, both in the North Sea and in other key international markets.

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