Aberdeen Beach (Image: VisitAberdeen)

Aberdeen City

Aberdeen is a truly cosmopolitan city.

It offers a great range of cultural activities, festivals and events in addition to the superb array of shopping, restaurants, bars and night life.

Aberdeen's close proximity to awe-inspiring countryside and coastline sets it apart from other international cities and it is one of the few major UK cities with a beach. There is a wide range of leisure pursuits available in and around the city. From kite surfing to hill walking, snow sports in the winter months to a golf course for every week of the year - there is always something to keep you busy.

The city has an outstanding choice of accommodation, superb healthcare facilities and exceptional private and public education. Aberdeen has 5 shopping centres, numerous indoor attractions and a thriving theatre and arts scene. Aberdeen could be the location of choice for your family.

Even the weather here is good - the North East is the driest region in Scotland and Aberdeen was recently named the sunniest city in the UK!

It's not surprising that Aberdeen was recently voted one of the UK's happiest cities.

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