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What is Energetica?

Energetica is a world class development corridor between Aberdeen and Peterhead in the North East of Scotland which offers exciting investment and growth opportunities for energy, engineering and technology organisations of all sizes.

Energetica is an ideal location to work, live and visit because it is close to Europe’s largest offshore oil & gas resources; has ready access to energy industry experience and an established supply chain; is well connected internationally by sea and air; is investing significantly in transport infrastructure and offers an award-winning quality of life, all set in a stunning coastal environment. 

Where is Energetica?

Energetica is situated in the North East of Scotland and covers a 30-mile area extending from Bridge of Don in Aberdeen, north to Peterhead and west to Aberdeen International Airport.

What are the key priorities for Energetica?

Energetica’s key priorities as laid out in our Strategic Delivery Framework are:

•        To help consolidate and grow the region’s position as one of the world’s major energy centres and the energy capital of Europe.

•        To attract new high value investment and people to the region.

•        To grow international trade for indigenous business.

•        To create a location that seeks to maximise both quality of development and quality of life.

What is the timeframe for Energetica?

Energetica is a long-term programme that commenced as an initiative in 2007 and will run over a 25-year period.

Who is involved in delivering the Energetica vision?

The Energetica programme is managed in partnership by Scottish Enterprise, Aberdeenshire Council and Aberdeen City Council. Other public and private sector organisations sit on the Steering Group for the programme providing leadership and direction.

How is Energetica funded?

Elements of the programme are paid for with money and resources from Aberdeen City Council, Aberdeenshire Council and Scottish Enterprise. Specific projects have their own funding sources, be it partner funded, European funded or private sector led initiatives.

Why does Energetica cover this specific area?

The Energetica area has been identified as a strategic growth area in the development plans of Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire local authorities, due to the area’s significant growth potential, coupled with the development possibilities for the energy sector in the corridor.

What does Energetica mean for the people and organisations in this area?

Continued investment into the area will have a positive knock-on effect for businesses and communities in the region, including additional job opportunities, thoughtful development of communities and a continued increase in lifestyle and leisure activity. New investment in infrastructure and transport networks will also help to improve accessibility for residents, visitors and businesses alike.

Why can’t the Energetica boundaries be changed to include other communities in the North East?

It is important to have a geographic element to Energetica activities, at the very least, to provide focus and direction to efforts in this region. Although a boundary is shown on the map, Energetica activities can, and do, encompass activities on the periphery of this boundary.

Which comparators, internationally, has Energetica looked at?

The concept of Energetica has been modelled on similar, very successful, initiatives which have taken place in the Sophia Antipolis development near Nice, France and The Woodlands development in Texas, USA.

What are the key industry sectors within Energetica?

Energetica provides opportunities for businesses of all types and sizes. Key sectors ideally placed to benefit from the wide-ranging opportunities within the Energetica corridor include:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Renewable energy
  • Research & Development
  • Tourism
  • Food & Drink

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